Our Supporters

Bapuji Childrens Home gets an annual grant from the Government of Karnataka, which takes care of part of the money needed to look after the children.

Balance money for the Childrens Home, Old Age Home and Dialysis Center expenses are met from generous donations from the society; Mysore, India and abroad.

The Trust is registered under FCRA and is allowed by Indian laws to accept donations from abroad.

The Trust has been granted registration under section 80G of Indian Income Tax.

Donations of cash (preferably by crossed cheques) and kind are welcome from all our benefactors.

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, the Trust does not authorize any third party to collect funds on its behalf and requests direct contact.

Proper receipts are given for all donations of cash or kind.

Many times we receive request for sponsorship of a single child; we are unable to accept such requests because it creates differences between children. We request the donors to kindly donate for all the children equally in the home. For health reasons, the organization does not accept cooked food from outside.

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