Patient Policy - GMDC

1. GMDC is a charitable non-profit dialysis center, set up for the benefit of all poor patients irrespective of their religion, caste, age or gender. This center is primarily for patients who have given up or are skipping routine maintenance dialysis in other hospitals because they cannot afford the cost.

2. This is a stand-alone unit where only basic facility of Hemodialysis is available. In case of emergency, this center can only provide primary first-aid and thereafter it will be the responsibility of the patient's Attender to move the patient to a hospital of their choice.

3. The patients cannot come to this center without being referred by a Nephrologist. They will continue to be under care of their Nephrologist even though they get dialysis done at our center. They also need to bring fresh report from their Nephrologist at least once in 3 months for continuation of the treatment at GMDC.

4. The center is not able to provide service to patients who are positive to HIV or Hepatitis B. The center will provide service only to medically stable patients who do not have other serious ailments.

5. The Trust reserves the right to make independent enquiries about financial status of all referred patients to decide if the patient meets the criteria of poverty for GMDC treatment.

6. GMDC reserves the right to terminate treatments of any or all patients at its own discretion without assigning any reason.

7. The challenge is to keep Dialysis Fee as low as possible and at an affordable level without depending on Subsidies, Grants or Donations. Innovative experiments will be done to reduce the direct recurring cost by involving the patientsí attenders in giving care, reducing manpower by computer automation, removing all frills from the service without compromising with safety of the treatment.

8. Working Hours: 08:30 a.m. ~ 05:30 p.m. (Monday to Saturday); Sundays are fully closed.

9. Fees per Dialysis Session are Rs. 300.00 and needs to be paid strictly in advance, in full. Fees may be revised in future.

10. The patients must be accompanied by an able bodied adult Attender for each dialysis session and must stay with the patient for the whole duration of the patientís visit to the center. GMDC management may give special permission to give service without Attender on case to case basis solely at its discretion.

11. First treatment session of the day will start at 08:30 a.m. and second session at 01:00 p.m. The patients must report to the center at least 30 minutes in advance so that treatment can be started on time. GMDC reserves the right to refuse dialysis to the patients who arrive late for treatment.

12. Dialysis slot once booked by the patient cannot be changed. The patient is liable to pay dialysis charges for the booked time slot even if they do not come for treatment.

13. Bapuji Anand Ashram provides free regular food and refreshments to patients and attenders at meal times. Patients must bring any special food items that they need for themselves. Complaints about food and refreshments will not be entertained by the management.

14. To reduce the cost, patients are required to bring two clean bed sheets with them for their use when they come for Dialysis.

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