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Bapuji Children's Home

Bapuji Childrens Home

Bapuji Childrens Home, started with 8 children, is now giving shelter to over 40; majority of whom are girls. Most of them are abandoned children. They are abandoned by parents, left temporarily by mothers or picked up from the street; but all are legally committed to our care by the Child Welfare Committees.

Adoptable infants are kept in the home for a minimum period of 2 months & are checked for various diseases & physical problems. Proper medical and nutritional support is given based on needs. Children who are in good health are sent for adoption.

Children who live in the Home are sent to local schools. Those who are weak in certain subjects are provided with special coaching. They are encouraged to excel in their education and a lot of importance is given to their holistic development. Effort is made to place children who have completed their high school into skill/trade courses. This gives them a sense of pride as they start their working life. Besides working, some of the girls also continue education through correspondence.

Some of the bright girls got admissions in nursing colleges and have qualified to join this noble medical profession.

Children come, children go, but life at the Home goes on. With the girls growing up and attaining marriageable age one more responsibility of the Trust is to find suitable bridegrooms for these girls. The Home has celebrated over 40 weddings so far, out of which some were Church Weddings. Now the families have started to grow; most girls have become mothers themselves.