Ashram Guidelines

1. This institute is run on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles for persons from poor background of all religions and castes.

2. All persons are treated equally with no special treatment for rich / upper caste etc.

3. Institution provides VEGETARIAN food, shelter, clothing, reasonable medical care and spiritual / emotional support to each resident.

4. House religion of the institution is Hinduism however residents are allowed to practice their individual religion without disturbing others. All residents are required to attend daily morning and evening group prayer sessions.

5. The institution charges 50% of income, if any, from each resident (Old Age / Widow Pension etc.) to give them a feeling of dignity.

6. Non-vegetarian food, chewing pan / tobacco, using snuff & spitting etc. are not allowed within the institute premises.

7. Smoking allowed only in designated places in the premises.

8. The residents are expected to take care of all their personal work (like washing clothes etc.) apart from sharing the institution chores within their physical / mental capabilities.

9. The residents are provided with a bed & a shelf for personal use. Chairs, tables, television & other furniture are provided for common use. No personal furniture or reservation of furniture is allowed.

10. The residents are required to have all their personal belongings kept in the provided shelf. A personal small trunk may be kept under their bed; No other containers / boxes are allowed.

11. The residents are advised not to keep any valuables in their possession because the Management will not be responsible for loss / theft of any items.

12. The residents are forbidden to offer gifts or money to other residents or employees of the institute (not even a loan). Such dealings, if unavoidable, must be done only through the Management.

13. The residents are not allowed to use personal gadgets which use electricity or disturb other residents.

14. The residents are required to maintain personal hygiene, dignity, cleanliness and desist from quarreling or forming groups in the institution.

15. The residents are advised to use the walking track for exercise within the premises and not to go out on busy roads etc. They are however welcome to go to the city / place of worship / relatives place after giving due information to the management.

16. The residents should consider the institution as their home and not as a hostel / hotel facility, therefore engaging in maximum amount of self-service and shram-dana.

17. The Management reserves the absolute right of granting admission to the institute premises or eviction of a resident without giving any notice or reason.

18. This old age home has been set up to provide a life of dignity to the destitute elderly of society and each resident must endeavor their best to make this place a happy one.

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